Installation File for Synchro Studio with Warrants and TripGen


Trafficware will provide a key code to unlock the version ordered. The installation file(s) can also be used as a demo. The READER version allows for example files to be viewed and simulated; however, files cannot be edited. Please visit our store for more information regarding purchasing your copy today.

Synchro plus SimTraffic and 3D Viewer:

Note: To install Synchro in silent mode, use the following command line: Setup.exe /s /v"/qn"

     Download Version 11 Installation File (EXE) Build 11.1.2 (86.5 MB)
     (MSI) Build 11.1.2 (88.6 MB)

Synchro Studio with Warrants:

     Download Version 10 Installation File (EXE) Build 10.3.151 (99.3 MB)
     (MSI) Build 10.3.151 (122 MB)
     Download Version 9 Installation File (EXE) Build 9.2.915.6 (105 MB) (End of Life: 8/31/2020)

Tripgen installer:

Note: Beginning with version 10.3, Tripgen is now a separate installer with it's own version. Please use the link below to download tripgen.

     Download Tripgen 10 Installation File (EXE) Build 10.3.27 (21.2 MB)

Release Notes

     Synchro 11 Release Notes

     Synchro 10 Release Notes

     Tripgen 10 Release Notes

     Synchro 9 Release Notes

Installation Requirements

  • Itanium Processors are not supported.
  • Setup program must be run with administrative privileges.


Prior to installation all users must have,

 .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later.

 Internet Explorer (Required to view JIT Training Videos)