Installation File for Synchro Studio with Warrants and TripGen

All applications of Synchro Studio with Warrants and TripGen use the same installation file. Trafficware will provide a key code to unlock the version ordered. The installation file can also be used as a demo. The DEMO version of Synchro Studio with Warrants allows for example files to be viewed and simulated; however, files cannot be edited. Please visit our store for more information regarding purchasing your copy today.

*** Install latest build over current installation build. ***


-- Itanium Processors are not supported.
-- Installation drive cannot be compressed.
-- Installation drive cannot be encrypted.
-- Setup program must be run with administrative privileges.
-- Machine and User names must not be the same.

Prior to installation all users must have a minimum of .NET Framework 4.0 or later.

Special Note: For Windows XP users, when installing Version 8 or above on a Windows XP machine the following are required before installation begins:

Service pack 3.
Windows Installer 4.5 or later.

New users and existing users who have a build prior to 805 installed should download and run the database installation before installing Synchro Studio.

Download Database Installation File (135 MB) Build 10.50.4000

Download Version 9 Installation File (103 MB) Build 9.0.901.75

Download Version 8 Installation File (Windows XP) (79 MB) Build 8.0.806.60

Download Version 8 Installation File (Windows 7 or higher) (148 MB) Build 8.0.806.61